A response to the ask a curator event

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Answering “Ask a Curator” questions

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82 Questions to Ask about Art Inside: Why classroom art discussion is a vital part of art education and 82 questions about art you can use in your classroom.

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(This list is similar to that which appeared previously on this site.).

Ask A Curator Day 2017

Another question is whether ‘Ask A Curator’ only exists because Twitter offers this peculiar combination of individual communication and mass event, or because people really want to talk about collections.

Hosting friends and family can be a difficult jobs. Pinpointing your loved ones’ interests can be a challenge in and of itself. Then there’s the actual planning. Answering “Ask a Curator” questions By NMAH, October 2, People around the world recently got that opportunity by taking part in Ask a Curator Day, a Q&A with museum curators that took place on Twitter on September 19, May Minnesota Event Calendar Art-A-Whirl, the Minnesota Lynx Opener, Skyline Mini Golf, and more make May's events a hole-in-one.

A response to the ask a curator event
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